Finding Value in the Valley

Recently I came in collision with some beliefs that stem from my childhood. No matter how much spiritual growth I have obtained in this lifetime, I am always a little surprised by the remembering, re-telling and reliving of these old ideas. About a year ago, I heard a gentleman say, “It’s not about never getting […]


Spiritual Progress

What happens if “it” is not perfect? I’m being serious here. Really, what happens? I ask this question right now because it has just now occurred to me that on a sub-conscious level, I really do believe the no perfection thing is just not okay. It surprises me again as I write this because certainly […]

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

I find myself thinking of a gentleman I met once a long time ago. He had a story bigger than he was that entered the room before him-  it was this story that drew me to him at that night. He was a sweet, little old man who gifted me with his attention. Knowing what […]

A second chance at life

Today marks my 27th year of continuous sobriety. Also, when I got sober I had just turned twenty-seven. So the significance of this anniversary has not been lost on me. I woke up this morning grateful. My first thought wasn’t of this day, I simply had a soft smile on my lips and in my […]

“Transit umbra, lux permanet.”

“Transit umbra, lux permanet” (The shadow passes; the light remains) I found this quote in latin the other day on Pinterest. Of course, not knowing latin it didn’t have any meaning for me. That is until I read the English translation. “The shadow passes, the light remains.” I loved it. It reminds me of the saying, […]

When the Un-Natural becomes Natural

I am a seeker. Once many years ago a gentleman who was like a second father to me said, “I knew as a little boy I wasn’t big enough for this world.” How I related to that statement. At the time I remember relating to it from a place of overwhelm. In retrospect I see […]